HVACR: IMQ services endorse the efficiency and acoustic performance of products for international markets and for the purposes of Eurovent certification

In the HVACR industry, performance and energy efficiency are increasingly important drivers of purchasing decisions.

Being able to guarantee the efficiency and low environmental impact of your products is one of the most effective ways of gaining market share.

IMQ is one of the leading players in the HVACR industry. In particular, IMQ offers testing, product certification, including certifications required for international markets, certification of industry professionals and certification of management systems.

Our test laboratory is Italy’s first and only laboratory for performance and acoustic testing of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation equipment for domestic, commercial, public and industrial applications, both as a prerequisite for certification and for Research & Development purposes. It is fully equipped to meet the needs of the HVACR industry, in a market where quality and compliance with international standards and directives are key factors.

As well as offering acoustic, aeraulic, calorimetric, energy efficiency, electrical safety and EMC testing, IMQ is a recognised provider of testing services for issuance of the Eurovent mark.