Performance, reliability and energy efficiency tests on electrical appliances and products

Tests to evaluate performance and ensure that products reaching the market are efficient and reliable

High performance plays an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions, in both the B2C and B2B sectors. The performance tests carried out by IMQ provide manufacturers with a guarantee of the actual characteristics of their products and provide the market with an endorsement of the declared performance.
The main tests carried out by IMQ include tests relating to the Ecodesign directive on the following:

  • household appliances (refrigeration products IEC 62552, washing machines IEC/EN 60456, dishwashers IEC 60436 and EN 50242-60436, washer-dryers IEC 62512 and EN 50229, cooker hoods, ovens and cooktops)
  • commercial/professional appliances (refrigerated display cabinets and blast chillers EN ISO 23953 and EN 16825, dishwashers EN 50593, automatic vending machines EN 50597)
  • lighting devices
  • ventilation equipment (EN 13141-4, 13141-7, 13141-8, EN 308)
  • hot water units (EN 16147)

For the intruder alarm and fire detection industry, IMQ carries out performance testing relating to security level, environmental classes and level of access in accordance with the following standards:

  • EN 50131 and EN 50136
  • EN 54/ EN 12101-10 and EN 12094

For the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry (HVACR), IMQ performs the following measurements:

  • calorimetric (EN 14511, EN 14825, EN 1397, EUROVENT 6/3, EUROVENT 6/9, EN 1216, EN 1048)
  • aeraulic (EN 1397, CEI 107-53, ISO 5801, EUROVENT 6/3, EUROVENT 6/10)
  • acoustic (UNI EN ISO 3741, ISO 13347-2, EN 1397, EN 12102, EN ISO 9614-1, EN 60704-1, EN 60704-2-7EUROVENT 8/2).
Management system certification is the endorsement enjoyed by organisations that have chosen to equip themselves with efficient management systems and suitable skills and structures, aimed at continuous improvement. And the higher the prestige of the awarding body, the higher the value of the guarantee. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our laboratories have full capability to put products through all the checks required by the major European directives and international standards. The certifications issued by IMQ are synonymous with trust. They guarantee safety, performance, efficiency and quality standards. More than 10,000 companies have turned to IMQ to certify their products and stand out on the market. Notified body for the main EU directives, IMQ offers tests and CE certifications to assess the conformity of the products to the requirements required to be marketed on the European market. Inspections and audits validate the conformity of electrical installations, equipment, supplies and services with the applicable technical and legislative specifications. IMQ is leader in Europe in the conformity assessment activity, technical partner chosen by Ministries and Authorities for market control purposes. IMQ is a brand recognized by the market as a synonym of safety and quality, and an internationally recognized partner, a valued member of the main international regulatory work groups. All IMQ personnel are required to strictly observe professional secrecy. IMQ has been working for 70 years trying to anticipate the future, to make the present safer.