Accreditations, Notifications and Certifications

(the Italian national agency for the accreditation of certification and inspection bodies and testing laboratories)

EU Regulations and Directives

Within the scope of GAR, RED, LIFT, ATEX, PED, EMC, BED, MD, MID and EETS, IMQ’s recognition as a notified body is subject to accreditation by Accredia, as indicated in the Accreditation certificate issued by Accredia.

    Periodic checking of electrical installations (Presidential Decree 462/2001) and lifts (Presidential Decree 162/99)
    Assessment and verification of the fire-reaction performance of cables (EU Regulation 305/2011 CPR)
    Periodic checking of the work equipment referred to in Annex VII of Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 (Ministerial Decree 11/04/2011)
    Calibration of electricity meters having relevance for tax purposes
    System and product safety assessment centre
    IT security assessment laboratory

IMQ is recognised by AGA (Australian Gas Association ) to operate as a testing laboratory for gas appliances for cooking (domestic and professional) and heating, and the components thereof.

IMQ is recognised by ASEFA as a testing laboratory for testing charging stations for electric vehicles, and plugs and sockets for charging electric vehicles, for the purposes of issuing the EV Ready mark.

IMQ is recognized by the Civil Defense of the United Arab Emirates, Oman Qatar and Kuwait as a "testing laboratory and approved certification body" for the purpose of obtaining the Certificate of Conformity necessary for the export of regulated products.

FCC - Federal Communications Commission - (USA)
IMQ is recognised by the FCC to operate as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) recognised under decision No. 33/2005 pursuant to the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the European Union and the United States of America dated 16 February 2006.

GCC Accreditation Center (GAC)
IMQ is a Certification Body recognised by GAC and GSO to issue the G-MARK on low-voltage electrical appliances and components in the Gulf States.

IMQ is a recognised testing laboratory for the purposes of issuing the Eurovent mark.

IECEE - Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components
IMQ is a certification body and testing laboratory recognised by IECEE to issue CB certificates.

IECEx - International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres
IMQ is a certification body and testing laboratory recognised by IECEx to issue ExCB certificates and ExTR test reports.

recognised as a certification body to issue the INCERT mark for anti-intrusion products.

IMQ’s Milan and Bollate laboratories are recognised as 3M Open-Air Test Sites.

IMQ is recognised as a certification body within the scope of the Low Voltage Agreement (LOVAG).

SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services)
IMQ can issue SA8000 certification under the aegis of IQNet Ltd, the certification division of IQNet (International Certification Network); IQNet Ltd is accredited by SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) for the SA8000 scheme.

IMQ is recognised by SAI Global to operate as a testing laboratory for gas appliances for cooking (domestic and professional) and heating, and the components thereof.

IMQ is a testing laboratory recognised by the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore) for testing carried out at its San Vendemiano site in the province of Treviso.

ZLs (Germania)
IMQ is authorised by the German body ZLs to issue IMQ GS certificates for electrical material and electric hand tools; these certificates entitle manufacturers to affix the GS mark.

Management system certification is the endorsement enjoyed by organisations that have chosen to equip themselves with efficient management systems and suitable skills and structures, aimed at continuous improvement. And the higher the prestige of the awarding body, the higher the value of the guarantee. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our laboratories have full capability to put products through all the checks required by the major European directives and international standards. The certifications issued by IMQ are synonymous with trust. They guarantee safety, performance, efficiency and quality standards. More than 10,000 companies have turned to IMQ to certify their products and stand out on the market. Notified body for the main EU directives, IMQ offers tests and CE certifications to assess the conformity of the products to the requirements required to be marketed on the European market. Inspections and audits validate the conformity of electrical installations, equipment, supplies and services with the applicable technical and legislative specifications. IMQ services add value and enhance brand image by distinguishing organisations that have invested properly in safety and quality. They are internationally recognised, managed by expert personnel and constantly updated, on the strength of IMQ’s membership of the main working groups on international standards. From the market’s point of view, IMQ services testify to the transparency and reliability of the organisations that choose them. And they cut time to market.