Professional gas technicians working on residential gas installations supplied by distribution networks - UNI 11554

 Certification is aimed at gas technicians who work on combustible gas installations for residential use supplied by distribution networks , i.e. who:

  • design, install, remove, inspect, test, check, commission and maintain the safe operation of gas-fuelled installations;
  • select, install, remove, test, check, commission and maintain gas appliances and their components.

Professional practice is covered by three distinct specialist profiles:

  • Technical Manager (Profile A)
  •  Installer (Profile B)
  •  Maintenance Technician (Profile C)

UNI 11554 applies exclusively to operators of firms already authorised under the applicable legislation.
Obtaining certification is a way of raising the profile of professionals who provide installation, maintenance and repair services for residential gas installations supplied by distribution networks and who are committed to operating in accordance with the applicable standards and legal requirements.

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