Carbon and Water Footprint: measuring environmental impact so as to reduce and correct it

Carbon Footprint (reference standard ISO 14067) quantifies the carbon footprint that a product has on the environment, expressed in terms of CO2 equivalent.
Water Footprint (reference standard ISO 14046) quantifies the water footprint that a product (goods or service) or organisation has on the environment. It is defined as the total volume of fresh water used to produce goods and services, measured in terms of volume of water consumed (evaporated or incorporated into a product) and polluted per unit of time.

Their assessment is based on the LCA methodology, so thus represents a true assessment of the life cycle of the product concerned. For the purposes of communicating the results outside the company, it is vitally important to have an impartial and objective third-party body to check and certify the study.



  • Formulate more targeted environmental policies
  • Streamline processes with the highest impact on the environment and water resources
  • Enhance corporate image at national and international level
  • Promote transparent information to consumers

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