Directive 2014/32/EU, Measuring Instruments (MID): conformity assessment to ensure that instruments intended to take measurements having legal effect comply with specific metrological requirements

The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) applies to measuring instruments for taking measurements that have legal effect, for the purpose of harmonising the requirements that these instruments must meet in order to be eligible for sale in the European Union.

The requirements relate to metrological performance, physical and mechanical characteristics and legal obligations. The purpose of the directive is to protect the market and consumers, who are the everyday users of the measurements taken with these instruments.

The directive gives manufacturers the opportunity to design and manufacture measuring instruments, according to different modules, described in the annexes to the directive, and depending on the complexity of the instrument and its suitability for direct inspection by the manufacturer. Whereas the design phase always requires the intervention of a notified body, which assesses the design’s conformity with the requirements of the directive, in the production phase, the manufacturer can self-certify that the products meets the specifications approved by the notified body in the design phase, provided it has a suitable quality management system covering the production phase.

In the latter case, the notified body does not carry out direct inspections on the instruments produced, but instead audits the quality management system covering the production phase.
Under the requirements of the directive, the instrument in question must bear CE marking, the supplementary metrological mark “M” and the last two digits of its year of manufacture.

The instrument must be accompanied by a declaration of conformity, in which the manufacturer takes responsibility for declaring that the instrument is in line with the requirements of the MID directive. In certain cases, this declaration may relate to a batch of products (e.g. utility meters) rather than an individual instrument.

Support provided by IMQ in its capacity as notified body CE 0051 for the MID directive

 As a notified body for category MI-003 (active electrical energy meters), IMQ can undertake the following conformity assessment procedures:

  • EU type-examination 
  • Quality System approval on the basis of annexes D and H1
  • Design examination on the basis of annex H1
  • Production verification on the basis of annex F
  • It can also provide the following services:
  • Technical and regulatory support for correct application of the directive
  • Support with Quality System assessment
  • Basic metrological training and training in the requirements of the directive
  • Al

Other services

In relation to meters and fiscal measurements, IMQ is an inspection body authorised to carry out in-system checks of active electrical energy meters and measuring systems (meters, current transformers and voltage transformers) used for fiscal purposes, and laboratory testing of active electrical energy meters prior to installation for tax purposes following authorisation by the Customs Agency.

IMQ also carries out periodic verification of active electrical energy meters in accordance with the requirements of Ministerial Decree 93/2017, as a body accredited by Unioncamere (ID No. 295).


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