Gruppo IMQ


As IMQ has established relations with Chinese certification bodies, standards bodies, local authorities, Chambers of Commerce and ICE, Italy’s National Institute for Foreign Trade, and established IMQ Certification Shanghai Co. Ltd. in China, it is the ideal partner to assist companies in the country, and in particular to:

  1. obtain mandatory Chinese marks
  2. identify business partners that conform to requirements and coordinate relations with authorities and organisations. Through its representative office in Shanghai, IMQ provides the following services.

IMQ services:

  • Certification services: CCC and CQC marks
  • Thanks to an agreement with the Chinese body CQC, IMQ can handle all procedures necessary to obtain the CCC mark, from applications to issuing certificates, without clients having to interpret technical requests or documents or deal with offices in China.
  • Supply and supplier assessment
  • Technical assistance and assistance with standards
  • Scouting and PR services: scouting targeting the Chinese market. Identification of and contact with Chinese companies in order to establish business relations/partnerships/joint ventures; assistance in establishing initial and operative contacts with Italian organisations in China (Embassy, Consulate, ICE, …) and/or with Chinese organisations; assistance in making contact with leading banks; assistance for company marketing operations (organising presentations, press releases, workshops, seminars, …).
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