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The increase of the production value and the operating profit margins improvement were approved. The streamlining of the company’s organizational layout goes on, so as investments for growth and technological upgrading

Milan, June 7th, 2018 – The IMQ Group Shareholders’ Meeting, on May 10th, confirmed the Group’s consolidated financial statements as of December 31st, 2017, with revenues exceeding EUR 102 million.

This is the second fiscal year that IMQ Group – the new Group Holding created, in order to exercise management, strategic guidelines and operational coordination activities provided to the various operating subsidiaries companies – consolidated its financial report.

The financial year 2017 shows a positive trend, as a result of having seized on business opportunities and on the progress related to the process of integrating the different structures and the Group’s companies, implemented under the guidance of IMQ Group, the Holding Company. The structural changes combined with the process optimization contributed to the improvement in the economic results, featuring an increase of the production value and a clear improvement of the operating margins, following the attained gains of the previous two financial years. The financial year 2017 indicates that EBITDA is equal to EUR 19,13 million (18,6%), EBIT to EUR 11,16 million (10,9%) and net profit to EUR 7,98 million.

The Group has invested significant resources for growth and constant technological updating, especially in plants, computer systems and test laboratories such as household appliances, medical devices, automotive and electromagnetic compatibility. Under this particular sector, on December 2017, LACE - a laboratory located in Turin, that carries out electromagnetic compatibility testing and that operates successfully for about 20 years – has been finally acquired.

The overall value for investment is more than EUR 4 million. “The year 2017 completes a three-year period that, compared to 2014, enhanced an organic growth of 7,5% and an EBIT average increase by over 60%” said Antonella Scaglia, Chief Executive Officer of IMQ Group. “We feel confident about implementing the expected Development Project objectives, with a focus on takeovers of other companies”.

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