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The merger by incorporation of IMQ Clima S.p.A. – a laboratory and technological innovation centre for the HVACR sector - into IMQ S.p.A. is part of the important development project that IMQ Group has started.

Milan, January 2017 - IMQ S.p.A., one of the companies of IMQ Group, has finalized the merger by incorporation of IMQ Clima S.p.A., a testing laboratory and technological innovation centre based in Amaro (Udine, Italy).

IMQ Clima S.p.A. – specialized in testing activities for the HVACR sectors (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems and refrigeration) – was set up in 2003 jointly by AGEMONT (Agency for the Development of Mountain Region), COAER-ANIMA (Association of manufacturers of equipment and installations for air-conditioning systems), ANIE and IMQ.

IMQ Clima S.p.A. was set up as the Italian response to the needs of air conditioning and ventilation industries that were operating – and are operating – in a market that is attentive to quality and complies with international standards” said Eng. Antonella Scaglia, Chairman and CEO of both IMQ S.p.A. and IMQ Group. “This goal has been achieved, leading IMQ Clima S.p.A. to become one of the top European laboratories, and the only Italian one that is able to offer testing for the appliances performance of the HVACR sector. The incorporation into IMQ S.p.A. will imply resource optimization, and will help to enhance testing development opportunities, extending the customer base to an increasingly international-oriented environment".

On behalf of IMQ Clima S.p.A.’s staff, the Operations Manager Marco Malambrì said about the incorporation: “It's a great satisfaction to have fully joined IMQ S.p.A. This will allow us to bring our expertise, well appreciated by the market, to a wider and more complete organization, enabling customers to take advantage of the resulting synergies.” The merger by incorporation of IMQ Clima S.p.A. – that follows the incorporation by IMQ S.p.A. of IMQ Primacontrol S.r.l. (a testing laboratory based in San Vendemiano - Treviso Italy - and specialized in testing activities for gas and solid fuel sectors) and that was completed last June – is part of the development plan that, over a period of three years, includes three main guidelines: a real Group; a stronger presence abroad; extending and diversifying the range of services offered on the market.

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