Gruppo IMQ

Assistance for imports

exportWith over ten years of experience in laboratory testing, certification and inspection services and thanks to agreements made with China’s leading test and certification bodies and a Company in Shanghai, IMQ can assist buyers and the large-scale retail trade in purchasing safe products from abroad, providing the following services.


Technical assistance and assistance with standards

Analysis of products to be imported, identification of applicable European directives and standards. Issue of a technical summary datasheet.

  • Correct identification and interpretation of the standards applicable to the products and of the tests needed to verify product conformity to applicable requirements.
  • Identification of the documentation needed to prepare the Technical Files should IMQ not be a Notified Body.
  • Pre-shipment inspections. Assistance in assessing supplies, through scheduled pre-shipment inspections conducted to verify the safety, quantities, manufacturing/processing, functionality, colour, measurements, packaging, labelling, size and assortment of products.
  • Issue of the IMQ mark. Certification and issue of the IMQ mark - a visible guarantee of safety and conformity - may be requested for products scheduled for long-term imports.
Request for information, estimates, services, certifications