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Second-party audits

A second-party audit is an ad hoc assessment for each company to ensure that suppliers maintain established product or service quality standards.

The audits are conducted by qualified, expert auditors and are an effective, flexible and quick way for companies in any commodity/product sector to improve the quality of their products/services through conformity with defined standards and to enhance their company image.

IMQ’s services in this area include audits to:

  • Analyse the quality standards of products/services and compliance with regulations and contracts.
  • Assess the service guaranteed by suppliers.
  • Select and qualify new operators in a network.

In this framework, IMQ can operate on a number of levels.

In particular, it can develop customised projects, identifying main needs and an analysis methodology, and conducting audits; or it can work to the organisation’s specifications, carrying out only planning and analysis.

In both cases, the independence of the auditor ensures objective, specific results and fewer costs and resources allocated by the company.

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