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EC directives

Industrial products must demonstrate conformity to the minimum requirements and in particular the safety requirements of European directives, in order to move freely in Europe.

These directives establish procedures to assess industrial products for safety and require CE marking demonstrating conformity to essential requirements.

Products are divided into the following categories:

fabbricanteproducts for which the conformity assessment may be carried out by the manufacturer (or by its representative if the manufactuer is not resident in an EU member state);

fabbricante_espertoproducts for which the manufacturer (or its representative) must have the conformity assessment carried out by a body authorised by the state and “notified” to the authorities of other EU member states.

In both cases, IMQ can assist manufacturers, providing the following services:

  • Assistance in identifying applicable directives and the most appropriate procedure to meet legal obligations;
  • All tests necessary to assess conformity to the directive's requirements;
  • Laboratory tests and assessment of essential product requirements in order to obtain conformity certificates necessary to affix CE marking (CE type examination);
  • Production controls and inspections at the manufacturer's premises, according to client options (when requested, e.g. for the gas directive);
  • Assessment for approval of quality management systems (when requested, e.g. lifts directive, medical devices directive, gas appliances directive).
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