Gruppo IMQ


European directives and international regulations governing the qualification of automotive equipment require a conformity assessment of the electromagnetic compatibility of components and electrical units used on motor vehicles, through type approval issued by a competent authority of an EU member state.

IMQ can operate as a Technical Service for KBA and NSAI

IMQ operates as a Technical Service for KBA (the German Ministry of Transport) and NSAI (Ireland’s national standards authority) for the issue of Test Reports and/or Conformity Certificates, when required, for all directives on electromagnetic compatibility and the safety systems of two- and three-wheel vehicles (97/24/EC, 93/33/EC), vehicles (95/54/EC valid until June 2006, 2004/104/EC and 95/56/EC) and agricultural and forestry vehicles (2000/2/CE) for the purposes of obtaining “e” mark type approval and for the international regulations ECE-R10 and ECE-R97 (“E” mark type approval).

IMQ can also conduct tests of conducted and radiated disturbance emissions in accordance with CISPR 12 and 25, of immunity to intense electromagnetic fields (GTEM cell, bulk current injection, anechoic chamber) in conformity to ISO 11452 -2, -3, -4 standards, of immunity to transient impulse noise in accordance with new editions of ISO 7637 (2004), of immunity to electrostatic discharge in accordance with ISO 10605, of conformity to the qualification specifications of leading European Insurance Companies and Vehicle Manufacturers.

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