Gruppo IMQ


storiaEstablished in 1951 as an independent, non-profit association, under the auspices of leading scientific and technical bodies in the electrical sector, the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark has expanded considerably, extending its field of operations and acquiring other companies.

Following market developments and service diversification, the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark decided to establish IMQ S.p.A. in 1999, handing over all operations to this company as from 2000, focussing on the dissemination and promotion of a culture of safety and quality.

The acquisition of CSI in 1995 and a majority holding in IMQ Primacontrol in 1998, as well as a holding in Istituto Giordano in 2001, the setting up of IMQ Clima in 2003 and the acquisition of ICILA and ELCOLAB all enabled IMQ to further expand its operations and presence in Italy.

In an international context, IMQ followed up its acquisition of a holding in the Argentine organisation Intertek-IMQ S.A., by establishing the Spanish company IMQ Iberica in 2004, IMQ Krakow in Poland in 2007, and by opening its representative office in China and establishing the company IMQ Certification Shanghai Co. LTD.

IMQ has also continued to consolidate and expand its relations with foreign certification bodies in order to assist clients wishing to obtain international marks and approvals.

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