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caccia_al_rischioABIO, the Association for Children in Hospital, and IMQ are involved in a project to increase awareness of safety in the home.
The project is for children in hospital to entertain and teach them about safety during their stay and afterwards.
The card game "Caccia al rischio" was created by IMQ for 5- to 10-year olds to teach them about safety in the home and caring for the environment.
IMQ, the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark, has been committed for many years to projects which raise awareness of safety in the home and is a partner of the Fondazione Abio Italia Onlus foundation, which helps children and teenagers in hospital and their families, with 58 associations working in hospitals throughout Italy, 4,500 volunteers and 2,285,332 children and teenagers assisted each year.

The game will be given to all ABIO associations so volunteers can play with patients in hospital, who can then take the cards home along with a leaflet on safety in the home and a postcard to fill in to receive their "Safety" diploma.

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