Gruppo IMQ






ACCREDIA (National Accreditation Body)


- Product/services Certification Body (accreditation certificate)

Product categories

  • Cables and Cords
  • Medium and high voltage cables - Overhead electric lines and accessories
  • Photovoltaic products
  • Installation accessories and connecting devices
  • Hand tools
  • Switches for appliances and automatic controls for electrical household appliances
  • Low voltage, high power switching equipment
  • Installation protective equipment
  • Luminaires and related accessories
  • Safety transformers and similar equipment
  • Capacitors and filters
  • Household and similar electrical equipment
  • Portable tools
  • Measuring instruments, laboratory instruments, and similar
  • IT and office equipment
  • Electronic appliances
  • Devices for security systems
  • Electric energy meters and meter units
  • Medical devices
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (Low voltage equipment subjected to)
  • Gas and solid fuel appliances and related devices
  • Lift safety components
  • Components for the thermal solar field



  • Companies authorized to perform activities on equipment containing fluorinated GHGs  (stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment; stationary fire protection systems and fire extinguishers).



- Management System Certification Body
- Personnel Certification Body - (accreditation certificate)
  • Teaching staff of the training organization for works on live parts of electrical installations with voltage greater that 1000V according to the Ministerial Decree 4th February 2011.
  • Personnel undertaking the activities on certain fluorinated GHGs (stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment; stationary fire protection systems and fire extinguishers; high-voltage switchgear; solvents).


- Inspection Body of Type  A - (accreditation certificate)
  • Photovoltaic installations


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Testing Laboratory Certificate No. 0121 (Milano)

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Testing Laboratory Certificate No. 0112 (Treviso)

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Testing Laboratory Certificate No. 0620 (Udine)

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Testing Laboratory Certificate No. 0946L (Torino) 


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Calibration laboratory

  •  Calibration Centre LAT No. 21



ASEFA - EV Ready Mark

IMQ is recognized by ASEFA as  Approved Test Laboratory for Electric vehicle conductive charging systems and Plugs, socket-outlets, vehicle connectors and vehicle inlets for the conductive charging of electric vehicles. 


BSMI - Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (Taiwan)

IMQ is recognized by BSMI as a quality management systems certification body and as a certification body for plastics, machinery and components, electrical and optical equipment.


IMQ has been accredited as environmental verifier according to EMAS Regulation  - Accreditation No. IT-V-0017


FCC - Federal Communications Commission - (USA)

IMQ has been recognized by FCC as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) in the telecommunication field under the mutual recognition agreement between the EU and the United States.

GCC Accreditation Center (GAC)
IMQ is accredited by the GCC Accreditation Center to issue the G-MARK on low voltage products & appliances to be exported to the Gulf Area countries.



IECEE - Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components

IMQ is a certification body and testing laboratory accepted by IECEE for the issue of CB and CB-FCS Full Certification Scheme certificates.


IECEx - International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres

IMQ is a certification body and testing laboratory accepted by IECEx for the issue of ExCB certificates and ExTR test reports.



IMQ is recognized as Certification Body to issue INCERT mark for antintrusion products.



Milan and Bollate IMQ labs are recognized as Open-Air Test Site 3M   


IMQ is recognized as Certification Body under the Low Voltage Agreement (LOVAG).



IMQ is accredited as a Certification Body of the "Code of Practice" which defines the requirements for management systems for transport safety (SSA).


SAAS  (Social Accountability Accreditation Services)

IMQ can issue SA8000 certification as IQNet Ltd, the certification division of IQNet (International Certification Network); IQNet Ltd is accredited by SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) for the SA8000 scheme.



IMQ is Testing Laboratory recognized by  SPRING for tests carried out in the lab located in San Vendemiano (Treviso - Italy)



IIMQ has been recognized by UNIFE (the Association of the European Rail Industry) for the issue of  IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard).


ZLs (Germania)

IMQ has been authorized by the Germany body ZLs to issue IMQ GS certificates for electrical material and portable electrical tools. These certificates enable manufacturers to affix the GS mark.




ISO 14001: Environmental management system - (certificate EA 34) - (certifiicate EA 37)

BS OHSAS 18001: Occupational health and safety management system - (certificate)






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