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Company management system certification

certificazione_processi_aziendaliManagement system certification recognises the business skills of a company which has been able to optimise its own organisation with an efficient management, adequate structures and suitable competencies.

Certification also guarantees reliability for customers, suppliers, employees and others working for a company, and the more prestigious the certification body, the more valid this guarantee is.



These are just some of the commercial and organisational benefits of company management system certification

certificazione_aziendale_vantaggi1A company profile which stands out from non-certified businesses


certificazione_aziendale_vantaggi2A visible guarantee, for customers too, that the company has a valid quality and/or environmental management system


certificazione_aziendale_vantaggi3An essential tool to bid for tenders, including international tenders


certificazione_aziendale_vantaggi4An independent, objective assessment of a quality system and company management system conducted by expert personnel


certificazione_aziendale_vantaggi5A monitoring and measuring tool in addition to internal quality controls.









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