Gruppo IMQ

CSQ attestation

Basic Internal Reporting Basel Oriented. This is the name of the specification developed by IMQ to support companies in structuring information flows and preparing documentation (reporting) prior to company rating, introduced by Basel II.

Scheme certifying the quality and competency of analysis laboratories.
The new IMQ scheme based on ISO 9001 and ISO 15189, to assess and certify the conformity of analysis laboratories to particular quality, reliability and competency requirements.
Quality and security in electronic storage. The new IMQ certification scheme demonstrating commitment to complying with laws in force on electronic storage or invoicing and providing evidence that state-of-the-art measures have been put in place.
Scheme certifying the attenuation of the risk of offences. IMQ scheme evaluating Company Organisation and Management Models introduced by Legislative Decree 231/2001, based on company management system evaluation applied to risk management, in keeping with Confindustria (Italian Manufacturers' Association) guidelines.


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